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Glacious Magic Graphic Community

Hear our Magic Spell

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Glacious Graphics Community
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Glacious Graphics
Hi! welcome to glacious a magic graphics community on LJ. here you can find many graphics in many fandom but mainly is JE. this community is open membership it's mean everyone can JOIN us here, but the posting access is selected members only. make sure you JOIN because all post will be locked after 10 days.
contact : Nae . Rei . Rubi . Shi . Yuu . Fa . Monchan . Lady and the last is don't forget to read and aim our rules.


1. Always CREDITS glacious or the designer
2. COMMENT would be really appreciate and welcome if taking
3. DO NOT RE-Post everywhere without permission
4. DO NOT Hotlinking
5. DO NOT Bashing
6. How to CREDITS icon
7. feel free to JOIN or WATCH to keep update the community

Layout By : milou_veronica
Profile By : turtlepark
Profile Banner : turtlepark
Header : shiyiu
Icon : shiyiu
Resources List : HERE
Profile Banner Feat : Kikuchi Fuma

Social capital

  • less than 10